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Web Site Aims

The aims of our Scout Group web site are to:

  • Provide a medium for the youth members of our Group to develop communication skills through their contributions to the web site;
  • Publicise our Group, develop public awareness of our Group and provide information about our Group;
  • Communicate information amongst members of the Group;
  • Publicise the activities of our Group and the achievements of and awards to our Group members.
  • Promote the sense of our Scouting Family through links to a comprehensive variety of Scouting web resources, including district, branch, national and international Scout web sites.

New Members

New members are always welcome in all youth sections of the Group, providing there are vacant positions. If necessary a waiting list is maintained by the Group Leader and positions are allocated as vacancies become available. Priority may be given to children of Leaders and to brothers and sisters of existing members. If you are interested in joining our Group, please register with us as soon as possible.

New Leaders

New Leaders are always welcome in our Group. Leadership tends to be a generational thing with parents like yourself becoming Leaders to enjoy Scouting with their children. As families age and leave our Group, new opportunities arise for parents of younger families to participate. If you would like to enjoy Scouting with your children while enjoying a worthwhile hobby that gives something back to the community - why not give it a try?

Family Involvement

Our Group does not provide any child minding services. We do provide a training scheme that helps young people develop in a wide range of ways so that they may be prepared for many challenges in life. In return for that training you will be expected to actively support our Group. Because our Group is a community effort, our Group would not exist without your support. Thank you for your support that makes our Group a great Group.

Group Scarf

  • Group scarfs (new or replacement) are provided at cost price.
  • Scarves come in two sizes; small and large; and the small size is usually presented to Joey Scouts.
  • Supplies of scarves are ordered from Snowgum by the Group Leader. Supplies need to be checked at least one month prior to investitures as delivery may take several weeks.

Privacy Policy

Our Group requests certain personal information from you that enables us to interact with you and manage our Group. As a member of the Scout Association of Australia, New South Wales Branch (Scouts NSW), our Group is bound by the Scouts NSW privacy policy which details how any information about you may be used. That policy may be viewed on the Scouts NSW web site.

Our Group has an ongoing promotional program that includes publicising and developing public awareness of our Group and the achievements of and awards to members of our Group. If you join our Group your photograph or image may be taken at any activity or meeting and our Group may use those photographs and images for any appropriate purpose without the need for any further consent from you. More details about the use of photographs and images is available in the Scouts NSW privacy policy available on the Scouts NSW web site.