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Our Group History - 1985-1994

Bangor was the name for the entire Menai area.

First residential subdivisions in Bangor.

MID 1980's
Many families with young children are moving into the fast developing suburb of Bangor. The population of the Sutherland Shire is 175,200.

LATE 1985
A group of interested families met in the Bangor School hall with the objective of establishing a new Scout Group. The following people volunteered to help run the new Group:

Those of us who shared in the adventure later owe much to these people who began it all.

3 April 1986
First Cub Scout Pack meeting held in the Bangor School hall. 

Those present were:
  • Akela - Kerrie Fairhall,
  • Baloo - Ray Cork,
  • One invested Cub Scout - Adam Cecil,
  • Five new chums - Adam Jessie, Timothy Sneddon, Scott Fabris, Gwyn Campbell, Ben Cork.

30 April 1986
Bangor Scout Group registered.
Bangor Cub Scout Pack registered.

23 November 1986
First Scout Troop meeting when first Cub Scout advanced to the Scout Troop. Those present were: 

Initially our Troop met with the Jannali Troop until we had enough members to run as a stand-alone Troop. Our initial Troop meetings were in the Billa Road Playgroup hall and later moved to the Bangor School hall when it became available.

April 1987
The Group celebrates its first birthday and 90 people attend the party at McDonalds at Sylvania.

26 August 1987
Bangor Scout Troop registered.

5 May 1991
First Joey Mob meeting was in the Billa Road playgroup hall; led by Meelya - Julie Fraser and Kim Van Beuren. Later meetings moved to the Bangor School hall.

8 July 1991
Bangor Joey Mob registered.

11 November 1991
First Venturer Unit meeting; led by Wontolla - Alan Fairhall. Initially our Venturers met with the Wearne Bay Venturers until we had enough members to run as a stand-alone Unit. They met in the Como District hall at Sutherland.

13 January 1992
Bangor Venturer Unit registered.

August 1992
The first female Cub Scouts are invested into the Pack during a camp at Mt Keira.

27 February 1994
Opening ceremony for the Bangor Scout Group hall in Ross Reserve, Pyree Street.
The youth opened the hall.

By February 1994 the Group has grown to include 16 Leaders and 89 youth members; and now we have our own hall. There are 21 boys and girls in the Joey Mob; 30 boys and girls in the Cub Pack; 35 boys and girls in the Scout Troop and 3 in the Venturer Unit.

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