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Our Group History - 2002

11-15  January 2002
Cub Scout Pack attends its first Cuboree.  A contingent of 17 Cubs, 3 Leaders and 4 parent helpers attended the 'Next Level' ACT State Cuboree at Camp Cottermouth in Canberra.

15-18  January 2002
Cub Scout Pack and Scout Troop combine for a family camp at Jindabyne and walk to the summit of Mt Kosciusko. Staying 3 nights in the Guides property 'Araluen Lodge' on Barry Way in Jindabyne.

24 February 2002
Cubs World Scout day outing to Bonna Point, Kurnell.

3 March 2002
Clean up Australia day activity.

22-24 March 2002
Pack attends South Coast and Tablelands region Cuboree at Goulburn.

18-19 May 2002
Senior Cubs attend Yellow Cord camp at Heathcote.

8-10 June 2002
Scouts attend region Gathering camp, Cataract Scout Park.

28 July 2002
Tree planting in Ross Reserve for National Tree Day.

10-11 August 2002
Pack family camp to Bundanoon.

20-22 September 2002
Cubs attend District camp to Challenge Ranch.

19-20 October 2002
Cubs and Scouts attend Boree Regatta, Cronulla.

24 November 2002
Group Christmas party, Janali Reserve.

26 November 2002
Cubs attend District outing to Skate Plus.


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