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Our Group History - 2003

22-23 February 2003
Cub Pack camp to Easts Beach, Kiama.

2 March 2003
Clean up Australia Day activity around Ross Reserve.

22-23 March 2003
Cub Pack camp to Bents Basin SRA. 

18-22 April 2003
Cub Pack attends first NSW State Cuboree as part of Mega-Pack 102, at Cataract Scout Park, Appin.

10 May 2003
Cubs hike to the Needles on the Woronora River for JOTT.

24-25 May 2003
Senior Cubs attend Yellow Cord camp at Heathcote.

10 August 2003
Scouts attend Rogaine at Barden Ridge.

31 August 2003
Joeys attend Obstacle Day at Heathcote.

19-21 September 2003
Cubs attend District camp to Challenge Ranch.

18-19th October 2003
Cubs and Scouts attend Boree Regatta at Cronulla. In a rare double, both the Bangor Scout Troop and Bangor Cub Pack achieved the highest overall point score for their sections to win the Boree Regatta championship for 2003.

1-2 November 2003
Jamboree Scouts attend shakedown camp at Cataract Scout Park.

26 November 2003
Cubs attend District outing to Skate Plus.


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