8 April 2006

Saturday night saw Kangaroos, Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders, parents, invited guests and past group members gather to celebrate our Group's 20th anniversary. During the formal opening ceremony, all invested members reaffirmed their Scout Promise and then each age section gave a short presentation.

The Kangaroos did a skit.

The Joey Mob demonstrated activities

The Cub Scout Pack sang campfire songs - with a real indoor campfire.

The Scout Troop tried to be funny by telling jokes.

The Venturer Unit explained Venturering.

A representative from the Rover Crew explained Rovering.

The audience.

After a formal closing ceremony we gathered around the birthday cake, blew out the 20 candles and sang happy birthday. Thanks to Bunyip for making the birthday cake. 

Thanks to everyone involved for your support - that's what makes our Group great!