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Group Family Camp at Mt Kira


After a wet week we were lucky to have a sunny weekend for our Group family camp at the Mt Kira Girl Guide centre. The Willow Flat camping area had plenty of room for us to spread out. About 30 people arrived on Saturday afternoon and after setting up camp we enjoyed a short hike through the rainforest. The recent rain brought out plenty of leaches. The Group provided a very nice dinner and later we conducted our AGM while the youth enjoyed a movie.

During Sunday morning the numbers swelled to about 80 people. The Venturers operated a milk crate climbing activity while the Scouts built a rope bridge, and there were lots of games just for fun. It was great to see so many involved and the younger members had a good introduction to some typical Scouting activities and camping.

Special thanks must go to our Group Leader Brian Collins for organising the weekend.

An afternoon hike through the lush rain forest, collecting leaches.

Scouts building a rope bridge.

Scouts relaxing in camp.

Campsite beside the rain forest.

Venturers run milk crate climbing.

Rope bridge climbers.

Kangaroo Scouts join in the fun on Sunday.