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AJ2010 2-15/Jan/2010 - The 22nd Australian Jamboree is the biggest event on the Australian Scouting calendar. Probably over 12,000 Scouts and Leaders from all around Australia will converge on Cataract Scout Park to take part in a 2 week long camp. Get all the latest news from the Jamboree web site.   [more...]

AJ2010 NSW 2-15/Jan/2010 - The NSW Contingent web site has all the latest Jamboree news and information for NSW Scouts, including contingent bulletin and parent handbook.   [more...]

Gala Day 18/Dec/09 - The Scout Troop celebrated a very successful year and the coming Christmas season with a Troop party at Shelly Beach. After dinner on the beach they explored the rock platform and walked along The Esplanade towards Bass & Flinders Point.    [more...]

15/Dec/09 - Our Kangaroo Scouts celebrated their Christmas party where they sang some special Christmas songs and carols, played games and enjoyed a light Christmas supper. 

Gala Day 12/Dec/09 - Nearly 100 people and Scouts of all ages celebrated our Scout Group Christmas party. Our Kangaroo Scouts and Cubs performed a unique Christmas carol, the Scouts talked about highlight events from the year and Venturers cooked up a sausage sizzle. 

Gala Day 12/Dec/09 - Six senior Scouts were presented with their Explorer level blue cord in a special ceremony in front of a large audience at the Groups Christmas party. Considering that we have presented three blue cords in the last 12 years, this was a very significant milestone in the history of our Scout Troop and a great achievement by these capable Scouts.

Gala Day 12/Dec/09 - During the Groups Christmas party the Group Leader Brian Collins thanked the parents and Jamboree fundraising committee headed by Sharon Ricketts for their fundraising efforts that resulted in about half the Jamboree fee being met for each Scout in our record breaking Jamboree contingent of 22 Scouts. 

Gala Day 10/Dec/09 - Cubs go fishing at the Woronora River and enjoy BBQ snack afterwards.

Cub camp 28-29/Nov/09 - Our Cubs enjoy a Pack Camp at Camp Coutts, Waterfall.

27/Nov/09 - Night tennis outing for our Scouts at Yalla Road courts.

Gala Day 21/Nov/09 - Our Kangaroo Scouts and other Scouts with special needs enjoyed a Gala Day with rides in vintage and sports cars and a motorbike with side car. Scouts cooked a sausage sizzle lunch and our good friends from the Rural Fire Service displayed their 'Menai 1-Alpha' truck and talked about fire safety. Inside the hall there were side-show alley games where participants could earn 'Scout' money to purchase novelty items.
See the photo album.    [more...]

clean hall 21/Nov/09 - Note the hall behind these Scouts is clean of graffiti. In a follow-up to the graffiti attack story on 6/Nov, the Bangor Scout Group gratefully acknowledges the very generous support received from the Sutherland Shire Council who cleaned all the graffiti off our hall. The Council's graffiti buster team cleaned the walls and painted the doors over two days during the week. Our thanks to Council and Alison Megarrity for arranging the work and covering the cost.

14-15/Nov/09 - Our Scouts attend Jamboree shakedown camps at Glenfield Scout Camp.

Cub leadership course 8/Nov/09 - Four of our senior Cubs attend a Cub Scout leadership course at Heathcote Scout Camp.

graffiti 6/Nov/09 - Late on Friday night 6/Nov our Scout hall was attacked again by graffiti vandals and this time the police caught them in the act. The story made front page of the Leader newspaper on Thursday 12/Nov. Follow the link to the Leader story.    [more...]

golf 6Nov/09 - Scouts spent the night smashing golf balls at the Ridge Driving Range at Lucas Heights. There were some funny 'Happy Gilmore' style shots and the loud laughter confirmed they were having a good time. When the armoured buggy came out to pick up balls it became a target, but the driver was quite safe from the Scouts aim.   [more...]

Jumble sale 31/Oct/09 - Fundraising activities for the year finished with a very successful jumble sale and sausage sizzle at Menai Marketplace. Thanks so much to all those who supported the fundraising to help send our Scouts to the Jamboree.

Halloween 30/Oct/09 - Scouts dress up for a Halloween party. Follow the link to see more monsters.   [more...]

Photo scavenger hunt 23/Oct/09 - What would make Scouts pose like this? A photo scavenger hunt! Follow the link to see the results.   [more...]

Boree Regatta 17/Oct/09 - Cubs attend the Boree Regatta at Bonna Reserve, Kurnell.

Explorer journey 2 16-17/Oct/09 - Five Scouts participate in an Explorer level journey where they carried a self sufficient load up to 20% of their body weight and walked 15.5 km from Heathcote train station through the Heathcote National Park to camp overnight at Camp Coutts at Waterfall and then on to Helensburgh.   [more...]

Journey reports by Scouts:
Daniel M.   [more...] Slide show by Daniel M.   [more...]
Joshua M.   [more...]
Lachlan D.   [more...]
Lachlan H.   [more...]

Explorer journey 1 10-11/Oct/09 - In the first of two Explorer level journeys during the school holidays, three Scouts carried a self sufficient load while two others carried a day pack and walked around 15km through the Heathcote National Park.

Journey reports by Scouts:
Hannah.   [more...]
Olivia.   [more...]

Koolandily camp 9-12/Oct/09 - Six Scouts enjoy a Patrol activity camp at Koolandilly and attract many compliments for their behaviour, co-operation and work ethic.   [more...]

Patrol activity reports by Scouts:
Ben    [more...]
Joshua    [more...]
Lachlan D.   [more...]
Lachlan H.   [more...]

Pennant Hills camp 2-5/Oct/09 - Scouts survive a very wet long weekend Troop camp at Pennant Hills and travel into the city and take an interesting  ferry ride through the storm swell to Manly and visit Ocean World.    [more...]

Environment camp 18-20/Sep/09 - Cubs enjoy a weekend at the Ingleside Scout camp where they completed their World Conservation badge project and visited the Featherdale Wildlife Park.

billy cart derby 13/Sep/09 - Cubs enter the billy cart challenge at Miranda Park.   [more...]

Eagle Rock 13/Sep/09 - Scouts take Egil to Eagle Rock as part of their preparation for a two day Explorer Journey hike. The Scouts organised a day hike of about 7.5km carrying a self sufficient load for practice in their back packs and hiked along some spectacular coastal scenery.   [more...]

Fathers Day 3/Sep/09 - Cubs enjoyed a special night with their Dads and made a business card holder with a photo frame as a Fathers Day present.   [more...]

mummified PL 28/Aug/09 - A mummified Patrol Leader - now that's something you don't see every day.   [more...]

Rogaine 23/Aug/09 - Bangor Scouts entered three Patrols in the 1st Caringbah Challenge Rogaine. 70 Scouts in 18 Patrols participated in this years competition in the Mill Creek valley at Menai. Rogaining is like orienteering as a team and navigating around a course collecting points at different checkpoints. Our youngest Scouts came third in the competition and the 'lost boys' Patrol became geographically embarrassed.   [more...]

See the score board on the organisers web site.  [more...]

camp coutts 14-16/Aug/09 - Scout Troop camp to camp Coutts at Waterfall where Scouts hiked to the summit of Mt Westmacott, the highest point in the Sutherland Shire at 276m.   [more...]

bike ride 2/Aug/09 - Cubs go bike riding in Oatley Park to celebrate World Scout day.   [more...]

world scout day 1/Aug/09 - World Scouting turned 102 years old today and Scouts celebrated World Scout Day with a camp fire dinner party and a 'patrol activity' to perform hall and equipment maintenance.   [more...]
Ben's account.   [more...]

Jenolan Caves 24-26/Jul/09 - Scouts organised a 'Patrol activity' outing to the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves.  Patrol activity report by Ben.   [more...]

26/Jul/09 - Kangaroos visit Symbio. Around 60 special needs and other Scouts , Leaders, parents, carers and friends went for an outing to the Symbio Wildlife Park near Helensburgh. There was a large contingent from the Bangor Kangaroos.

3-5/Jul/09 - Scout Troop camp to Camp Coutts at Waterfall where Scouts enjoyed campfire cooking.

coast guard 21/Jun/09 - Scouts visit the Coast Guard base Solander to learn about a community service organisation as part of their 'citizenship' training.   [more...]

cubs in space 18/Jun/09 - Space, the final frontier. Cubs boldly go where no Cubs have gone before and explore space.   [more...]

cubs at region camp 7/Jun/09 - Cub day at the Region Camp at Camp Coutts.   [more...]

June Camp 5-8/Jun/09 - The June long weekend provided an ideal opportunity for a 3 night camp and Scouts went to Cataract Scout Park and became familiar with the site layout in preparation for the Jamboree next January.   [more...]

clean up aust day 21/May/09 - Cubs participate in a 'Clean Up Australia Day' activity at Menai Park.

June Camp 17/May/09 - Region 'Cub Day Out' to the Thirlmere train museum.   [more...]

14/May/09 - Cubs combine with the Engadine Pack for a cooking night.

JOTT 9/May/09 - JOTT - Jamboree On The Trail, is an annual global Scouting event to encourage Scouts to enjoy the outdoors. Bangor and Alcheringa Cubs explored the local fire trails.   [more...]

bowling 7/May/09 - Cubs take their mums bowling for Mothers Day.

campfire cooking 1/May/09 - Most Scouts finished their Campcraft award tonight and some of the Bushcraft badge by lighting a fire and cooking a meal. The younger Scouts lit a fire in dry conditions while the older Scouts had the challenge of starting a fire in wet conditions. For the Bushcraft badge they cooked a camp meal using minimal utensils.   [more...]

anzac dawn service 24-26/Apr/09 - Scouts explore Canberra and participate in the ANZAC dawn service at the National War Memorial.   [more...]

easter expedition 10-14/Apr/09 - Our Easter Expedition saw Scouts enjoy our longest Troop camp ever with 5 days 4 nights camped on the banks of Lake Tabourie, just south of Ulladulla. On Saturday we climbed to the 720m summit of Pigeon House mountain for spectacular views.   [more...]

leadership badge 4-5/Apr/09 - Three of our senior Scouts Carl, Hannah and Olivia attended the Scout Leadership course at Camp Coutts, Waterfall, as part of their green level Adventurer Cord training program.

chocolate lovers 4/Apr/09 - Venturers take the Cubs abseiling.   [more...]

happy annivarsary3/Apr/09 - During a Campcraft program the Scouts celebrated our Group's 23rd anniversary with supper and home-made cake.

chocolate lovers 27/Mar/09 - For a Citizenship/Heritage program the Scouts cooked meals from another culture. Note the chocolate lovers.   [more...]

tent builders 20/Mar/09 - Scouts undertook a Campcraft knots and lashings exercise where four patrols erect the old fashioned patrol tents that required lots of co-operation, lashings and knots.   [more...]

AJ2010 15/Mar/09 - The Bangor Scout Troop submitted 22 applications for the Australian Jamboree next January. That represents the highest participation level ever for our Scout Troop.

bents basin family camp 13-15/Mar/09 - Group family camp at Bents Basin.   [more...]

district camp at Nowra 27/Feb-1/Mar/09 - Scouts attend the District Scout camp at Grady's Riverside Retreat on the Shoalhaven River and win the Patrol competition.   [more...]

wontolla retires 23/Feb/09 - Founding member and Venturer Leader Alan Fairhall retires from full time Scouting after 23 years service to our Scout Group.   [more...]

district swimming carnival 22/Feb/09 - Yaroona District swimming carnival at ANSTO was attended by all the Scout Groups in our District.   [more...]

19/Feb/09 - Cubs combine with the Alcheringa Pack for a swimming night.

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