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Sorry, no photos available. 11/Dec/10 - A large crowd of Scouts of all ages and their families celebrated our Scout Group Christmas party. The Kangaroo Scouts and Cubs performed Christmas carols, the Scouts performed two skits and the Venturers cooked up a sausage sizzle for dinner.
Sorry, no photos available. 9/Dec/10 - The Cub Pack enjoy a bike hike to Menai Park.
Sorry, no photos available. 7/Dec/10 - The Cub Scouts and Kangaroo Scouts sing Christmas carols to the residents of Warena Gardens nursing home. The Cubs made small gifts to spread Christmas cheer.
Sorry, no photos available. 3-4/Dec/10 - Some Scouts organise a Patrol camp to Cockatoo Island.
Cubs and Scouts at Golf 3/Dec/10 - For an end-of-year celebration activity the Scout Troop go golfing at the Lucas Heights driving range.       [more photos...]
Cubs and Scouts camp 27-28/Nov/10 - The Scout Troop hosted an 'Introduction to Scouts' camp for the Cub Pack at Camp Coutts, Waterfall. The Cubs joined a Patrol for the weekend and learned how to camp as a Scout, including putting up their own tents and preparing and cooking their own meals as part of a duty Patrol.       [more photos...]

On Sunday morning four senior Cubs planned and led hikes for their Grey Wolf awards.      [more ...]

Sorry, no photos available. 25/Nov/10 - The Cub Pack enjoy campfire cooking with sausages and damper for supper.
Sorry, no photos available. 22/Nov/10 - Venturer Scouts go ice blocking.
Sorry, no photos available. 20/Nov/10 - The Kangaroo Scouts held a circus fun night and auction to help raise funds. [advertising flyer]
Scouts emergency scenario 19/Nov/10 - Scouts practiced another emergency scenario in preparation for their Emergency elective target badge.
Sorry, no photos available. 18/Nov/10 - The Cub Pack enjoy a night walk along the Cronulla Esplanade.
Sorry, no photos available. 13-14/Nov/10 - The Group family camp at Bents Basin was cancelled after a drowning occurred the day before the camp.
Scouts emergency scenario 5/Nov/10 - Emergency in Bangor!  Apparently there were several earthquakes in Bangor tonight. In preparation for their Emergency elective target badge the Scouts had each Patrol devise an emergency scenario with injured patients. Then another Patrol had to assess the situation, treat the injuries and then transport the patients 500m on an improvised stretcher.       [more photos...]
Cubs and Scouts 28/Oct/10 - Cubs have a ball with Scouts! The Scouts visited the Cub Pack meeting and set-up a simple rope bridge and swing and played some games that were new to the Cubs. Later the Scouts talked about the exciting activities that Scouts do and invited the Cubs to an 'Introduction to Scouts' camp organised by the Scouts. Thanks to the Scouts for giving the Cubs some adventurous activities to remember and a camp to look forward to.       [more photos...]
crate grabber 22/Oct/10 - Scouts have fun designing and building milk crate grabbers. After some testing and practice they competed to pick up three different size balls in the shortest time; at first with verbal instructions and then in complete silence. It was an interesting construction activity that promoted co-operation and team work while having a ball.     [more photos...]
Grey Wolf 21/Oct/10 - Grey Wolf award presented to Nicholas. Notice in the accompanying photo that Nicholas is leaning to one side due to the weight of all those badges on his sleeve.     [more photos...]
Sorry, no photos available. 16/Oct/10 - Scouts perform community service by helping out at the Bangor Primary school spring fete.
Boree Regatta 16/Oct/10 - Wild winds blow Boree Regatta out of the water! Our Scouts had intended to participate in the water activities on Saturday but all our applicants withdrew at the last minute. They must have known that gale force winds would prevent any water activities from proceeding. The photo shows the Scouts raft race being run on dry land. Lets hope for better weather next year.
Koolandilly 8-10/Oct/10 - Scouts enjoy a Patrol Camp beside the Wollondilly River in the Southern Highlands. The campsite was at 230m beside the road to Wombeyan Caves in a spectacular valley surrounded by 800m mountains. It was a weekend of 'real' Scouting activities such as exploring along the river, swimming through rapids, chopping firewood, campfire cooking, service to others, camaraderie around the campfire and making our own entertainment.      [more photos...]
Camp fire cooking 24/Sep/10 - The Scout Troop celebrated the end of term three with a Scout Master Chef campfire cooking challenge. Each Patrol was given a mystery box of ingredients and had to cook on a campfire a five course meal consisting of soup, entree, mains, dessert and hot drink. Lots of team work and co-operation were required to prepare and cook each course and ensure that all the supplied ingredients were used. All the Patrols performed well and the Master Chefs on the night were the Hawks.       [more photos...]
Sorry, no photos available. 23/Sep/10 - The Cub Pack celebrated the end of term three with an outing to Sutherland pool.
Camp Coutts 10-12/Sep/10 - Scouts enjoy a Troop camp to Camp Coutts, Waterfall, where they hiked to the summit of Mount Westmacott, explored caves, performed navigation exercises, participated in a mock emergency, baked dinner in camp ovens and ran a great campfire program.      [more photos...]
Sorry, no photos available. 4/Sep/10 - Australian Scout Medallion presentation to Hannah.
Joshua at the Wiz 3/Sep/10 - Scouts attend 'The Wiz' performed by Our Lady Of Mercy College Burraneer and De La Salle College Caringbah (where some of our Scouts attend) at the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts to support one of our Scouts in the show.

hike to Marley Beach 29/Aug/10 - Scouts hike 11.2km to Marley Beach and encounter spectacular costal scenery.     [more photos...]

campfire cooking 20/Aug/10 - Scouts enjoy cooking a campfire dinner and then invest six new Scouts into the Troop.     [more photos...]

grey wolf 19/Aug/10 - Grey Wolf award presented to Bryce.

campfire cooking 10/Aug/10 - Kangaroo Scouts earn a 'caring and sharing' badge and certificate by recording on the fingers of a drawn hand the caring and sharing activities that they did.     [more ...]

green cord 7-8/Aug/10 - Scout Troop enters a Patrol in the State Scout Rally.

     [more photos...]

Sorry, no photos available. 1/Aug/10 - 'World Scout Day' and 'National Tree Day' both fell on the same day this year and Scouts participated in a Bush Care tree planting activity at Barden Ridge. Scouting is 103 years old today.

green cord 2/Jul/10 - Green Cord presentation to Hannah.

Sorry, no photos available. 25/Jun/10 - Venturers and Scouts shoot it out at Laser Zone.

campfire 18/Jun/10 - Olivia conducts a Scouts Own and campfire for the Joey Mob and Scout Troop.

Sorry, no photos available. 11-14/Jun/10 - All age sections attend the Region Camp at Camp Coutts.

Sorry, no photos available. 11/Jun/10 - Joey Scouts night hike.

Sorry, no photos available. 31/May/10 - Venturers go ice skating

Sorry, no photos available. 24/May/10 - Venturers go abseiling near Akuna Ave.

Sorry, no photos available 22-23/May/10 - Some of our Scouts attended the Troop 1023 Jamboree reunion camp at Bonnie Vale, organised by Hannah.

Scouts in Action week 14/May/10 - Scouts show off an array of wounds created with special effects make-up as part of the first aid programs for 'Scouts in Action' week.     [more...]

JOTT 8/May/10 - Scouts organised a bike hike for JOTT.

Scouts ANZAC outing 25/Apr/10 - Several Scouts travelled to Canberra to participate in the ANZAC dawn service at the National War Memorial.

Joeys and Cubs at ANZAC march 25/Apr/10 - Bangor Joeys and Cubs participated in this years ANZAC Day march at Riverwood. Rikki sends a big thanks to all those who attended. Afterwards everyone enjoyed some of the best jam and cream scones.     [more photos...]

Joey Scout logo 16/Apr/10 - The Joey Scout Mob have published their meeting and activity calendar for term two 2010.     [more...]

Green Journey 10-12/Apr/10 - Three of our Scouts joined Hannah on her Green level journey through the Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains National Park.    [more...]

Sailability 27/Mar/10 - Kangaroo Scouts participate in Sailability at Rushcutters Bay.    [more...]

2SSR-FM radio 26/Mar/10 - The Scouts celebrate our Group's 24th anniversary and the end of term with a movie and supper.

2SSR-FM radio 19/Mar/10 - The Scouts visit 2SSR-FM to find out how a community radio station operates and get involved in an 'on-air' interview.     [more...]

Tune in to 99.7 FM or see them on the web

chalk chase 18/Mar/10 - Cub Scouts travel around Bangor on a 'chalk chase' where they follow trail signs chalked on the footpath.

Sorry, no photos available 6/Mar/10 - Some of our Scouts joined in the Sutherland Shire Council's 'Landfill and Recycling site tour' that went to the Lucas Heights land fill and the Visy recycling plant at Tarren Point.

Scouts cleanup 5/Mar/10 - The Scouts participated in a Clean-up Australia Day activity by continuing the clean-up of Menai Park. After dinner at McDonalds and in light rain the Scouts probed the bushy parts of the park to clear the harder-to-get-at litter.

Cubs cleanup 5/Mar/10 - The Joey and Cub Scouts participated in a Clean-up Australia Day activity by cleaning up around Menai Park.

green journey audience 26/Feb/10 - Scouts and their parents heard a presentation about the Adventurer level Campcraft journey; a demanding hike of around 30km over three days, without adult supervision, all organised by one Scout. Experienced journey advisors explained the preparations and safety precautions that help minimise risk, enabling Scouts and parents to make an informed choice about participating.

wet and wild 26/Feb/10 - Joey Scouts get wet and wild during a fun night of water games.

bring a friend 25/Feb/10 - The Cub Pack hosts a 'bring-a-friend' night to attract more members.

swimming carnival 21/Feb/10 - Joey and Cub Scouts celebrate BP's birthday with chocolate cake during the Yaroona District swimming carnival.

swimming carnival 21/Feb/10 - Kangaroo Scouts attend the Yaroona District swimming carnival.      [more...]

night bike ride 18/Feb/10 - Cub Scouts enjoy a night bike ride from Menai Park to our Scout hall.

Riki 7/Feb/10 - Ross Winters, otherwise known as RIKKI, our Cub Pack Leader, received a Hughes Award for service to Scouting. Congratulations Rikki!     [more...]

Joey Scout logo 27/Jan/10 - The Joey Scout Mob have published their meeting and activity calendar for term one 2010. The first Mob meeting for 2010 is on Friday 5/Feb from 5pm to 6pm.     [more...]

Australia Day logo 26/Jan/10 - Six of our Scouts helped Sutherland Rotary at the Australia Day celebrations at Miranda park.

NZ Jamboree 25/Jan/10 - Two of our Scouts have registered for the NZ Jamboree to be held in Hamilton from 29/Dec/2010 to 6/Jan/2011. This will be the first time Bangor Scouts have participated in an international Jamboree.
Australian contingent web site.   [more...]
NZ Scouts web site.   [more...]

Daniel at AJ2010 9/Jan/10 - During 'visitors day' at the Jamboree, Brumby was presented with her Joey Scout Wood Badge, signifying the completion of a significant amount of training. Congratulations Brumby! 

Daniel at AJ2010 9/Jan/10 - During 'visitors day' at the Jamboree, Daniel met one of his rescuers. For the full story, follow the link to a cut-down version of issue 7 of JNN Daily and scroll down to the second page.    [more...]

Cubs visit AJ2010 9/Jan/10 - Cubs get a taste for Jamboree during 'visitors day'.     [more...]

Going to AJ2010 2/Jan/10 - Departure day for Jamboree. Bring on the adventure!


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