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Christmas bike ride 16/Dec/11 - Our Group Christmas outing to Peter Depena Reserve at Dolls Point saw 55 people in attendance. Scouts and Venturers rode their bikes 6km from Kyeemagh around the shore of Botany Bay. The Joeys and Cubs walked from Taren Point and we all met up at Dolls Point for a sausage sizzle dinner. The fine weather and beautiful setting by the bay made a nice final event for the year.           [more photos...]
no photos yet 13/Dec/11 - Kangaroo Scouts Christmas party.
Christmas party climbing wall 10/Dec/11 - Group Christmas party. After a week of wet weather we had a fine afternoon for the outdoor activities to proceed. The Scouts built a rope bridge, the Venturers operated a very popular climbing wall, there was a photo display in the lobby and a BBQ dinner with drinks and ice cream. The Kangaroos presented a Christmas song and six Red Cord awards were presented to Scouts.           [more photos...]
6 red cords 10/Dec/11 - During the Group Christmas party six Scouts were presented with their Red Cord award in front of family and friends. Congratulations to Sian, Joel, Nicholas, Lachlan, Owain and Bryce.        [more photos...]
Alex red cord 9/Dec/11 - Red Cord award presented to Alex. This was a significant achievement as Alex has been in the Troop for almost six months and is the first Scout to achieve this award before his eleventh birthday. Congratulations Alex and maintain the enthusiasm.
no photos yet 8/Dec/11 - Cub Pack break-up party for Summer holidays recess.
Cubs Christmas carols 4/Dec/11 - Cubs and Kangaroo Scouts perform Christmas carols for the residents of Warena Gardens.       [more photos...]
bonnie vale troop camp 2-4/Dec/11 - Scouts have a summer camp at the beach in winter weather. Despite the coolest start to summer in 50 years the Scouts had fun in the water at Bonnie Vale in the Royal National Park and completed most of their Water Safety elective target badge. 

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no photos yet 1/Dec/11 - Cubs go fishing at Woronora.
thanks newmans own 29/Nov/11 - The Kangaroo Scouts say thanks to Newmans Own for the grant that paid for their registration and uniforms and attendance at the Agoonorette.     [more photos...]
Middle Head outing 19/Nov/11 - Scouts have a BIG day out to Middle Head forts and city. In one big adventure we combined several activities that the Scouts had asked for; including a harbour cruise, hike, exploring old forts, beach swim, exploring the Rocks Markets, dinner at Pancakes-on-the-Rocks, visit Scout Place and the new monument to Scouting, city night walk to see Christmas decorations and lights; plus using all modes of public transport including bus, train and ferry. It was a big 12 hour day packed full of adventure and the Scouts had a ball and asked for more! 

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Joeys at Cronulla 18/Nov/11 - Joeys explore the rock pools around Cronulla.      [more photos...]
no photos yet 12-13/Nov/11 - Venturers go caving at Bungonia.
no photos yet 10/Nov/11 - Cubs night hike along Mill Creek.
Karlo Pools hike 6/Nov/11 - Scouts enjoy a 5km return hike to Karloo Pool on a glorious summer day and cool off in the icy cold pool. There were GPS navigation exercises to find geocaches along the way that contained badges that the Scouts could keep, and it was great to have plenty of time to relax around the pool and explore the creeks.

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Thriller movie shoot 4/Nov/11 - Working on  their Entertainer proficiency badge and to celebrate Halloween, the Scouts shoot and star in their own version of the Michael Jackson music video  'Thriller'. This was a major project that the Scouts conceived themselves and built with their own ideas. They put so much of themselves into it and their make-up and zombie costumes were amazing.      [more photos...]
Joey Fun Day 30/Oct/11 - Joey Region Fun Day at Heathcote Scout Camp.      [more photos...]
no photos yet 28/Oct/11 - Scouts have a Halloween party with spooky games and lots to eat.
no photos yet 27/Oct/11 - Cubs swimming night at Sutherland pool.
Cubs at Boree Regatta 15/Oct/11 - Cubs have a ball at the Boree Regatta. They are pictured at left at the radio base for Jamboree On The Air.    [more photos...]
Scouts at Boree Regatta 15/Oct/11 - Scouts attend the water activities day at Boree Regatta and participated in canoe and kayak races; plus contacted other Scouts by radio in the Jamboree On The Air (JOTT). Congratulations to Alex for winning his kayak race.    [more photos...]
term calendar 13/Oct/11 - The Joey Scouts term four calendar has been published.  [more...]
term calendar 10/Oct/11 - The Kangaroo Scouts term four calendar has been published.  [more...]
Patrol Camp 30/Sep - 4/Oct/11 - Eight Scouts and two Leaders participated in a unique five day four night Patrol Camp at Koolandilly on the banks of the Wollondilly River. Highlights included exploring the river rapids, stories around the camp fire, eating bush tucker, sleeping out under the stars and visiting the Wombeyan Caves.    [more photos...]
investitures 23/Sep/11 - Four new Scouts were invested into the Troop; one this week and three last week. Welcome to James, Tom, Zack and Zoe who came from the Cub Pack. After the investitures the Scouts enjoyed supper to celebrate the end of term and watched a movie.    [more photos...]
PIN Hike 16/Sep/11 - Scouts go on a night hike photo scavenger hunt. The objective was to take a bowling pin with you and photograph the pin in the circumstances described by the clues provided. Working in their Patrols, the Scouts had to decipher a set of clues and work out where to go in the local area to obtain the required photo. The activity promoted team work, co-operation, problem solving, planning, navigation; and was a bit of fun.     [more...]
no photos yet 15/Sep/11 - Cubs enjoy camp fire cooking.
Scouts bowling 9/Sep/11 - Scouts enjoy a night of bowling at AMF SouthGate. We had four lanes and played two games. Thanks to Gabby for organising the night.    [more photos...]
James Grey Wolf 8/Sep/11 - Congratulations to James on achieving his Grey Wolf award.   [more photos...]
rocket 6/Sep/11 - Paige brought her dog Rocket to visit the Kangaroo Scouts. They all loved patting his soft fur and Alex especially loved having Rocket near him.   [more photos...]
Wheelchair basketball 3/Sep/11 - Cubs watch a game of wheelchair basketball. As part of the international disability program, the Cubs went to the Menai Sports Centre to watch a game of wheelchair basketball between the Sydney Razorbacks and Adelaide Thunders. There was lots of crashing, smashes and stacks in the game won by Sydney (must have been our cheering!) After the game the Cubs got to meet the Sydney players, ask questions and try out the wheelchairs.       [more photos...]  
Radio base 2/Sep/11 - Scout Troop radio hike. From a radio base at the Scout hall (pictured), directions were provided over the radio to three Patrols to guide them around the streets of Bangor. The Patrols had no advance knowledge of where they were going and as they followed the radio directions they traced their route on a map. 
Fathers at Cub Pack meeting 1/Sep/11 - Cubs invite their dads along for a special Father's Day meeting. Highlights included the great paper aeroplane fly off, Cubs giving dad a shave and blindfolded Cubs feeding dad. A great night filled with lots of laughs.     [more photos...]  
Jack invested 26-28/Aug/11 - Venturer camp to Camp Coutts at Waterfall. During the camp Jack, who came from the Scout Troop, was invested into the Venturer Unit.     [more photos...]
Scouts In Action Week 26/Aug/11 - Scouts participated in a 'disability awareness' program for Scouts In Action Week where they experienced a simulated disability during some games and activities and then discussed their experience. The simulated experiences included vision impairment, vision loss, hand impairment and hearing loss.     [more photos...]  
Cubs get invested 25/Aug/11 - The Cubs had a combined night with Woronora Cubs and Bangor Joeys at Prince Edward Park. Six Joeys were invested into the Cub Pack (pictured) and then the group went for a walk along Forbes Creek. A great night with about 40 Joeys and Cubs plus a few parents.     [more photos...]  
Cubs bike ride 21/Aug/11 - Cub Pack bike ride. On Sunday the weather cleared after several rainy days and the Cubs and Leaders made the most of the fine weather by riding from Como Pleasure Grounds to Oatley Park via the Como railway bridge. At Oatley Park the families met us and joined in a picnic lunch and play before riding home.     [more photos...]  
Troop Trivia Night 19/Aug/11 - Troop Trivia Night. On a wet and windy night a planned camp fire was replaced with a trivia game night. It was one of those activities that you do just for fun, without being serious. The judge was open to bribery and sold answers! There were interesting challenge activities between questions, we enjoyed supper, each Patrol won a bag of chocolates and it was a good fun night.     [more photos...]  
space shuttle relay 12/Aug/11 - Initiative, leadership, teamwork, confidence and good humour were in abundance as the Scouts built a space shuttle to transport a pilot and cargo one meter above the ground without the pilot being in physical contact with the ground support crew. Any materials available inside the hall could be used and there were some interesting designs complete with decorations.     [more photos...]  
aj2013 preso 10/Aug/11 - An information session about the next Jamboree attracted 55 people from the Scout Groups in our local Yaroona District as parents and their Scouts were keen to obtain information that might help them decide if they will attend AJ2013 in Maryborough, Queensland.
red cords 29/Jul/11 - Congratulations to Scouts Priscilla and Gabriella who were presented with their Red Cord awards.
space shuttle 29/Jul/11 - The Scouts commenced a special project to complete the Technology proficiency badge with a focus on the 30 year history of the Space Shuttle program that ended this month with the final mission by the shuttle Atlantis. 
joey magic show 29/Jul/11 - The Joey Scouts from Yaroona District gathered at the Bangor Scout hall for a magic show by Peter the magician. The Joeys and their parents had smiles on their faces and were amazed at the magic! Photos courtesy of the Alfords Point / Menai Scout Group.     [more photos...]  
term calendar 29/Jul/11 - The Joey Scout Mob term three calendar has been published.  [more...]
heads or tails night hike 24/Jun/11 - The Scouts went on a night hike where they tossed a coin at every intersection to determine which way to go, so the path was chosen by chance rather than being planned. The Patrols had to record the path taken on a map and constantly estimate time and distance from the Scout hall so they could determine at what point they had to return to be back at the hall by the deadline time. Besides having a bit of fun they also built confidence to deal with unplanned circumstances.    [more photos...]  
investitures 17/Jun/11 - Two new Scouts were invested into the Troop. Welcome to Alex and Jack who came from the Cub Pack.
Region Camp 10-13/Jun/11 - This presentation by Scout Alex about the Region Gathering camp counts towards part of his 'Information Technology' proficiency badge'. Well done Alex!     [more ...]
maze 10-13/Jun/11 - The Yaroona District activity at the Region Gathering was a maze built by the Venturers. The challenge was to dig into bins filled with a jelly type liquid to find colour coded puzzle pieces and then outside the maze assemble the puzzle. The Venturers ran and monitored the activity and it was loads of fun. Well done Venturers!
investitures 03/Jun/11 - Two new Scouts were invested into the Troop. Welcome to Claudia and Owain who are new to Scouting.
cubs cooking 2/Jun/11 - The Cubs enjoyed cooking kebabs and toffee apples over a camp fire. 

For the 'self expression' task in their Gold Boomerang awards,

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and James provided these photos.    [more photos...]

fly like an EGIL 28/May/11 - You are never too old for adventure. See our Scout Leader fly like an Egil.     [more...]
night hike 27/May/11 - The Scout Troop undertook a night hike along fire trails through the Still Creek valley. Walking in Patrols and practicing safety protocols they completed the 5km hike in 90 minutes. We encountered a fallen tree that blocked the trail. Thanks to Joel for operating the GPS and recording the track.

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JOTT 2011 15/May/11 - Seven Scouts and two Joeys enjoyed an unusual outing for the annual Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) event. We took the bus, train and ferry to Bundeena and then did the Jibbon Headland loop track.

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no photos yet 15/May/11 - The Cubs attended the Region 'Cub day out' and Glenfield Scout Park.
Scouts campfire 13/May/11 - The Scouts enjoyed a campfire cooked meal. Preparing a safe camp fire site and building and maintaining a safe cooking fire were part of the practical requirements for the 'Fire Awareness' proficiency badge.   [more photos...]
Joey campfire 13/May/11 - The Joey Scouts were excited about toasting marshmallows over a camp fire and enjoyed baked apples stuffed with sweets too. Thanks to the Scouts for building and maintaining the fire and helping the Joeys; they were good ambassadors for the Troop and helped strengthen the relationship between the Scout Troop and Joey Mob.   [more photos...]
Koolandilly Patrol camp 8-10/Apr/11 - Two Scouts and four Cubs participate in a Patrol camp to Koolandilly. During a great weekend they enjoyed digging and swinging heavy tools, trailer rides, campfires, country cooking, exploring, swimming, dam building, spooky stories and completed some badge work. The Cubs experienced camping as a Scout Patrol, providing a great experience to report back to the Pack and further strengthening the relationship between the Scout Troop and Cub Pack.     [more...]
25th Aniversary 01/Apr/11 - A group of 80 people including Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Kangaroos and parents attended the Bangor Scout Group's 25th anniversary celebration. The Joeys performed an investiture ceremony; the Scouts performed some skits; the Cubs and Kangaroos sang; and there was a big cake to celebrate the event. Our friends from the RFS talked about fire safety and the youth enjoyed inspecting the fire truck. Thanks to all for supporting our Scout Group!   [more photos...]
no photos yet 28/Mar/11 - The Venturers went Go-Karting.
Scout investitures 25/Mar/11 - Three Cub Scouts progressed to the Scout Troop; Aaron and Nathan invested last week and Lachlan invested this week. Welcome to the Troop!
no photos yet 21/Mar/11 - The Venturers went on a night hike.
Killalea Camp 11-13/Mar/11 - Cubs and Scouts combined to celebrate the end of summer with a beach camp at Killalea State Park near Shellharbour. We were lucky to have great beach weather and we achieved our objective of just having fun on the beach.   [more...]
Cleanup Australia Day 4/Mar/11 - Joeys, Cubs and Scouts participated in a Clean Up Australia Day activity at Menai Park. The Joeys and Cubs started first and filled a pile of rubbish bags; then a new Joey was invested into the Mob and two Joeys were invested into the Pack. The Scouts started later and working in their Patrols scoured the park for more rubbish; then retired to McDonalds for supper. See photos of the event.  [more...]
term calendar 7/Mar/11 - The Venturer Unit term one calendar has been published.  [more...]
moth man 25/Feb/11 - The Joey Scout Mob learnt about insects during a visit by the 'moth man'.
See photos.  [more...]
BP aged 50 22/Feb/11 - Founders Day recognises the birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell, the founder of Scouting, born 154 years ago on 22/Feb/1857 in Paddington, London. Read more about this extraordinary man, recognised as a decorated soldier, talented artist, actor and free-thinker, who foundered the largest youth movement in the world.  [more...]
joeys founders day 20/Feb/11 - The Joey Scout Mob celebrated Founders Day by attending a more traditional Scouting event staged by the Georges River and East Hills District at Oatley Park where they enjoyed activity bases on land and water. 

See a report by a seven year old Joey Scout.   [more...]
See photos of the event.  [more...]

district swimming carnival 20/Feb/11 - Yaroona District celebrated Founders Day with a District Swimming carnival at the ANSTO pool. The Bangor Cubs, Scouts and Venturers enjoyed the friendly competition.

See our winners in the 'hall of fame'.  [more...]
See our photos of the event.  [more...]
See other photos of the event.  [more...]

Joeys swimming night 17/Feb/11 - The Joey Scout Mob enjoyed a swimming night at the ANSTO pool with Joeys from the Alcheringa Mob.

See photos of the event.  [more...]

term calendar 11/Feb/11 - The Joey Scout Mob term one calendar has been published.  [more...]
term calendar 1/Feb/11 - The Kangaroo Scouts term one calendar has been published.  [more...]
Cuboree 9-13/Jan/11 - Our Cubs attended the NSW State Cuboree at Cataract Scout Park near Appin.
NZ Jamboree 6/Jan/11 - Three of our Scouts attended the NZ Jamboree in Hamilton. That's the first time any of our Scouts have attended a Jamboree outside Australia.


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