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manly 09/Sep/12 - Cubs public transport trip to Manly. As part of out Travellers badge the Cubs planned how to go from the Bangor Scout hall to Manly by public transport and on Sunday 9/Sep we undertook the trip. We walked to the bus stop at Bangor shops, caught the red M92 bus to Padstow train station, then a train to Circular Quay and then a ferry to Manly. We did a walk around Manly, past the Quarantine Station and National Park and had lunch and a swim at Shelly Beach; then returned along the Esplanade and the Corso. A quick change into dry clothes and then retraced our route back to the hall.
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hike 09/Sep/12 - Scouts hike to Eagle Rock in the Royal National Park. The 7.2km walk took us south from the Wattamolla Beach car park along spectacular coastal scenery and 90m high cliffs to Eagle Rock and return.
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hall maintenance 26/Aug/12 - Scouts do service for Scouting with a hall maintenance activity. They painted over graffiti on the front door and spread mulch over the bush area. Thanks to the parents who helped out.
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laser tag 24/Aug/12 - Scouts at laser tag. For something completely different to the usual routine the Scouts planned a night out at laser tag and enjoyed a pizza dinner.
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state rally prep 27/Jul/12 - Scouts prepare for State Rally. We entered two competitive Patrols of four Scouts each in the State Rally at Cataract Scout Park on 3-5/Aug. The Patrols did all their own menu planning and food purchases for a light weight camp and then had to distribute the weight so their backpacks were under 20% of their body weight.
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term calendar 13/Jul/12 - The Kangaroo Scouts calendar for term three has been published.  [more...]
term calendar 6/Jul/12 - The Cub Pack calendar for terms three and four has been published.  [more...]
campfire cooking 29/Jun/12 - Scouts participate in a Master Chef 'surprise' campfire cooking night where each Patrol received a box of supplies and then had to devise a four course menu and cook their food over a camp fire. The Scouts devised this activity themselves and it covered some traditional training requirements like fire safety, food preparation and cooking, plus team work, co-operation and problem solving. The Scouts worked in their Patrols and each Patrol received a different set of supplies and so faced different challenges. The most significant challenge turned out to be using an appropriate amount of heat to cook without burning.
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campfire cooking 29/Jun/12 - The Joey Mob enjoys a campfire and celebrates a Leaders birthday.
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rfs 22/Jun/12 - Scouts visit the Woronora Rural Fire Service (RFS) base as part of their 'Citizenship' training where they learn how an emergency services base operates. This base is rather unique in that is has a land based facility with garage, meeting rooms and amenities; plus a floating facility on the river that houses three fire fighting boats. The boats are mounted in a cradle that floats on pontoons and the launch process involves flooding the pontoons so the entire cradle sinks until the boats float free. Thanks to the RFS for hosting our visit.
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red cord and investiture 1/Jun/12 - Aidan is invested into the Scout Troop and Sam earns his red cord award. Thanks to the PLs for making fresh baked cookies and cake for supper.
Vivid Festival 1/Jun/12 - The Venturers have an outing to the city to see Vivid.
Rocks Walk 27/May/12 - Region Cub day out - Rocks Walk. Packs from all over our Region met in Scout Place at Circular Quay. 10 Cubs and 4 parents from our Pack caught the train from Sutherland to Town Hall and then a bus to Circular Quay. They received a set of walking instructions that took them around The Rocks, including Observatory Hill, The Garrison Church and Cadman's Cottage. We watched street performers, including a man who rode a huge unicycle and sliver statue man who made us jump when he suddenly moved. We continued into the grounds of Government House and then into the Botanical Gardens. It was a great day out and everyone slept well afterwards, including the parent helpers.   [more photos...]
Scouts 'survivor' camp 25-27/May/12 - The Scouts experimented with a 'Survivor' themed camp where they had to survive for a day from a box of emergency supplies and cook their food on a camp fire. This involved devising their own menu to utilise the available supplies. The weekend was all about food and they grazed continuously. The Scouts were very inventive and made several types of cookies and damper and soup and dessert pie without any instruction or recipes.
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no photos 19-20/May/12 - The Venturers go abseiling and canoeing from the Noorumba Guide Camp in the Woronora River valley.
Scouts campfire cooking 18/May/12 - The Scouts experimented with a variety of foods and cooking methods to cook their dinner on a camp fire. They tried pizza in a camp oven, a trench fire, sandwich irons, sausages on a wire, concoctions in billies and lots of foil-wrapped parcels. Garlic bread was a popular side dish and desserts included baked apples, billies of custard and of course marshmallows and hot drinks.  [more photos...]
Joey campfire 18/May/12 - The Joeys enjoyed a campfire with stories, songs and toasted marshmallows. Thanks to the Scouts for setting up and tending the fire and helping the Joeys.  [more photos...]
JOTT 12/May/12 - The Joeys, Cubs and Scouts participated in Jamboree On The Trail (JOTT) activities. The Joeys had a Region event where they walked from Sutherland station to Prince Edward Park at Woronora. The Cubs and Scouts walked from Bangor to the river and then canoed across the river.  [more photos...]
Air Activities 6/May/12 - Our Scout Group visits the Scout Air Activities Centre at Camden airport.
cubs join the army 2/May/12 - The Cub Pack had a visit from an army soldier (one of the Cub's dad). He brought his back-pack fully loaded as for a patrol and it weighed 60kgs. Each Cub tried to lift it, but it took a team of four Cubs to lift that weight off the floor. He also brought in field food ration packs and the Cubs tried some of the food. Each Cub took home some camouflage paint so they could hide better from their parents! A great night and this helped the Cubs complete the 'Their Service - Our Heritage' badge.   [more photos...]
No Photo 1/May/12 - Our Scout Group is successful in the latest round of the Community Building Partnerships program, a state government grants program, where we received $8,400 for hall repairs. From an article published on page 12 of the Leader newspaper on Tues 1st May.
term calendar 29/Apr/12 - The Venturers term two calendar has been published.  [more...]
The Venturers have also published a link to their document management system that is used for programs and notification forms.  [more...]
no photos 24-25/Apr/12 - The Venturers sleep over at the Cronulla Scout hall, travel by train to the city for the ANZAC dawn service at Martin Place and enjoy water activities at Cronulla.
term calendar 23/Apr/12 - The Kangaroo Scouts term two calendar has been published.  [more...]
term calendar 19/Apr/12 - The Joey Scout Mob term two calendar has been published.  [more...]
no photos 6-9/Apr/12 - Our Venturer leader runs a camp for Yaroona District Scouts at the Ingleside Scout camp.
Scouts at Camp Coutts 23-25/Mar/12 - Scouts enjoyed a Troop camp at Camp Coutts near Waterfall. During term one the Scouts had worked through the skills required for the campcraft badge and at this camp they put those skills into practice to complete as much of that badge as possible.
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cubs canoe day 11/Mar/12 - 17 Cub Scouts from the Bangor Pack and 12 from the Woronora River Pack combined for a canoe day on the Woronora River. Everyone got to try out different boats and complete their canoeing badge. It was a great fun day.    [more photos...]
combined meeting 02/Mar/12 - Joeys and Cubs planned a combined meeting for a going-up ceremony and Scouts unexpectedly joined in when severe weather cancelled a District camp. The three age sections enjoyed a fun night of games, with the Scouts demonstrating some of their favourite games; followed by a formal ceremony of Joeys going up to the Cub Pack; and the night finished with supper.
canoe course 24/Feb/12 - Leaders do training too! Akela and Angus attended a canoe recertification course run by our Region where the Leaders could demonstrate their canoe skills and find out about paper work changes. 16 Leaders from our Region had their qualifications endorsed for another two years. Leaders undertake similar training for most outdoor activities to ensure they can run Scouting activities safely.
District swimming carnival 19/Feb/12 - Our Scout Group won the Yaroona District swimming carnival at ANSTO pool.    [more photos...]
Cubs Bushwalk 12/Feb/12 - The Cub Pack walk the Couranga Track from Waterfall to the Hacking River.  [more...]
term calendar 31/Jan/12 - The Joey Scout Mob term one calendar has been published.  [more...]
term calendar 23/Jan/12 - The Kangaroo Scouts term one calendar has been published.  [more...]


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