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Yellow Cord

The Yellow Cord award was the highest award available to Cub Scouts from January 1996 until January 2005. The Bangor Cub Pack Leaders encouraged their Cubs to attempt the Yellow Cord award because it included some very worthwhile training activities such as first aid, citizenship, construction, mapping and camping with Scouts.
Marc Johnson was keen to attempt the award when it was first introduced and he became the first Cub Scout in the Yaroona District to achieve the award.

Marc Johnson Jun 1996 Jonathon House Jul 2000 Brent Morvan Sep 2002
Mitchell Wild Sep 1996 Tim Jarman Jul 2000 Garrett McAuliffe Oct 2002
Brendon Lewis Sep 1996 Chris Ewers Jul 2000 Nicholas Bentley Jun 2003
Wade Sayers Sep 1996 Patrick Morgan Jul 2000 Belinda Ewers Jun 2003
Jayson Glover Dec 1996 Kurt Forrester Aug 2000 Gavin Brooks Jun 2003
Joshua Bentley Sep 1997 Andrew Clapham Aug 2000 Adam Campton Jun 2003
Erin MacKenzie Nov 1997 Dean Foscholo Nov 2000 Zach Carter Jun 2003
Camern Simpson Apr 1998 Stuart Bayliss Mar 2001 Joshua Cornish Jun 2003
Kim McGreevy May 1998 Melanie Kembrey Jun 2001 Daniel Valentine Jun 2003
Arron Glover Jul 1998 Joshua Wilson Jun 2001 Kieran Burgess Sep 2004
Bree McDougall Sep 1998 Blake Fairhall Jul 2001 Brendan Cain Sep 2004
Alex Mednis Dec 1998 James Valentine Jul 2001 Daniel Collins Sep 2004
Glenn Kembrey May 1999 Joshua Stainlay Jul 2001 Jordan Fisher Sep 2004
Matthew Valentine Jul 1999 Joshua Smith Sep 2001 Benjamin Morrissey Sep 2004
Matthew Crealy Jul 1999 Elizabeth Melville Sep 2001 Mitchel Nelson Sep 2004
Alex Bentley Jul 1999 Alysha McGreevy Jun 2002 James Thorne Sep 2004
Rebecca Smith Jul 1999 Chris Jarman Jul 2002
Ian Press May 2000 Marc Tatossian Sep 2002


Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf award is the highest award for Cub Scouts and was introduced in January 2005 when the Yellow Cord award was discontinued. The requirements for this award present a significant challenge to senior Cub Scouts.


Name Date
Lachlan Hatton Sep 2006
Matthew Thorne Mar 2007
Daniel Murphy May 2007
Olivia McAuliffe May 2007
Joshua Massingham Aug 2007
Ben Ricketts Sep 2008
Lauren Collins Dec 2008
Bryce Hatton Aug 2010
Nicholas Ritchie Oct 2010
James Collins Sep 2011
Mitchell Olsen Dec 2013
Indiana Brown Sep 2014
Annabelle Winters Sep 2014