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Green level Adventurer Cord

The Green Level Adventurer Cord is the highest cord award for Scouts. Senior Scouts working at the Adventurer level have an important role to play by teaching and testing their fellow Patrol members on their Pioneer and Explorer target badges, thus achieving their own Adventure targets.
The current requirements for the Green Level Adventurer Cord include:

  1. Complete the Adventurer level badge.
  2. Complete an additional two proficiency badges.
  3. Complete an additional Patrol activity.
This award provides a very significant challenge and only a limited number of young people can afford the demands on time and effort.

Ben Woodcock 1994
Steven Fietz 1995
Tegan Bartho 1996
Greg Miller 1996
Jodie Bartho 1997
Chris Ewers 2004
Tim Jarman 2004
Belinda Ewers 2007
Hannah Stainley 2010
Josh Fernandes 2014
Owain Pierce 2015
James Collins 2015
Aidan Hines 2016
Patrick Wells 2016


Scout Medallion

The Scout Medallion is the highest award for Scouts and represents the final major milestone along the Scouting path. Senior Scouts working at this level must participate in a Scout Leadership training course and must demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting.

Belinda Ewers 2008
Hannah Stainley 2010
Owain Pierce 2015
James Collins 2016
Aidan Hines 2016
Patrick Wells 2016